We are introducing our new series, Makeup Tips by Sam from Lashline. Choosing the right foundation is key. One small mistake and you can end up looking ghastly! Here are a few tips in selecting the correct product for your skin:

{1} Know your skin type. Do you have dry or oily skin? Choose a moisture-rich foundation for dry skins, or a foundation with a matte finish if you have combination to oily skin.

{2}Decide on the coverage and finish you would prefer. Some foundations come in a crème form, offering heavier coverage. There are liquid foundations, for light to medium coverage. Then there are pressed powders and even tinted moisturizers for a more natural, lightweight finish.

{3} Assess your skin undertone. Some skins have more red or pink coming through, whereas some have a more yellow tone. Foundations from MAC cater for this – allowing you to match your colour more precisely. The NW (Natural Warm) range offers shades for ladies with a red undertone, and NC (Natural Cool) caters for yellow undertones.

{4} When testing colour to the skin, do so along the jaw line. This will enable you to match to the colour of the face, and blend down into the neck area.

{5} Once you have selected a colour, choose your preferred application method. Some like to use their fingers, and some prefer a brush or a sponge. A brush will give you a more even application. Always ensure to sweep the brush downwards on the face. Sweeping upwards will push product into the pores, resulting in unwanted breakouts.

{6} In the event of a special occasion where you will be photographed, be careful to NOT use a product with a SPF in it. It is the zinc and the titanium oxides contained in an SPF which make your face appear whiter than the rest of your body in photographs. Just as they reflect the sun, so do they reflect the flash of the camera.

{7} Be aware that it may be necessary to change your foundation colour from summer to winter.

Once you have mastered the art of foundation – the rest is easy! You will see that once you have chosen the correct product for your skin type, the rest of the make-up will be easier to apply, and sit better on the skin.

Have fun!


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