Your first dance is your first big moment together as a married couple! You’ll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, so you need to make sure it’s as amazing as possible! One of your most important life events if your first dance with your partner so you’ll want to really wow as a couple! Whether you’re throwing a big or small wedding, your first dance can still be something special that you share together as a newly married couple. Make your first dance something spectacular to remember with these 5 tips below!
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Get Professional Help

It’s okay if you aren’t a professional dancer! You can still get some professional coaching before the big day! Even if you’ve never danced before, dance coaches and trainers are experienced working with couples of all levels. Learning a new dance together as a couple is a great way to get excited for the big day!

Have fun and enjoy yourselves as you learn something new! Look for professional dance instructors in your area that specialize in couples dancing. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Listen to the dance instructors suggestions, especially if you’re open to trying an unconventional style of dance! Have fun with your first dance and make it yours!

Choose a Great Costume

There are new rules when it comes to your first dance! You can dance in your wedding dress if you feel confident you’ll be able to make the most of it or you can even choose a custom dance costume! Swap out your dazzling white dress for the pink wedding dress of your dreams! A lot of brides choose to change dresses for the reception, especially if their wedding dress is too extravagant to dance in!

Do you want to really wow your guests? Order dance costumes online from Alexandra Costumes! Show your guests you mean business by strutting your stuff in a glamorous and professional dance costume! That’ll be something to remember!
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Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice really does make perfect! When it comes to dancing, it’s all about muscle memory. Even if you aren’t the strongest dancer, your body will be able to pick up a few steps if you practice them enough! Commit to practicing every day with your partner, or even to practicing on your own! Don’t forget to practice in your wedding shoes and your dress! No bride wants to stumble around on the dance floor because she’s not used to her shoes! Dancing is almost like learning to ride a bike. Once you get the steps down, you’ll never forget them!

Keep it Simple!

A lot of brides feel pressured to create an elaborate dance number for their big day. Remember, it’s all about you and your partner! You can keep it as simple as you feel comfortable with! Choosing something too advanced for your skill level will lead to anxiety and mistakes. It’s better to choose a routine you can realistically master than to choose something you’ll never be able to handle. A great way to structure a simple routine is with a few strong steps and a few tricks! It’s hard, but try not to go too overboard.

Don’t Take it Too Seriously!

Finally, you’ll want to have fun! While there is a lot of pressure for everything to go perfectly on your big day, realize that mistakes will happen. No matter how skilled of a dancer you and your partner are, it’s all a lot harder when people are watching! Be kind with yourself and with your partner!

Laugh off any mistakes and remember to have fun. You don’t want to be stressed about memorizing some elaborate routine when you should be focusing on having a great time! Even if mistakes do happen in your routine, it’s unlikely any of your guests will even notice! Keep it fun and don’t take anything too seriously!

Enjoy Your Moment Together

Last but not least, enjoy your moment together as the center of attention! Your wedding is your first big event together as a married couple, and you should want your first dance to be special. No matter how well you and your partner dance in front of your friends and family, you’ll remember how you feel in the moment! Do your best to practice your dance regularly, but don’t take it too seriously! Remember, it’s all about having fun!

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