Are you and your partner Game of Thrones fans? Is your addiction to the books or show borderline obsessive? Good — us, too! If you’ve been considering a theme wedding, look no further than having your big day in true GoT style. Here, we’ve got tips that will carry your wedding from apparel choices to cake and food to first dance, all in a theme that will leave guests raving about your day.

Dress Up

A wedding is usually labelled as a semi-formal or formal affair, but styling yourself, your bridal party, and your guests in costumes resembling that of GoT cast will bring an extra memorable aspect to your wedding. For a stylish bridal party, have bridesmaids wear floor-length flowing dresses with their hair in braids, and a floral crown for extra wow factor. Think of the Night’s Watch and have your groomsmen in black layers. Your flower girl and ring bearer could walk down the aisle twirling swords instead of spreading flower petals for extra flare. Inspire guests to dress up in costumes for the occasion by sending them examples of your favorite character’s attire.

Westeros Party Time

Ain’t no party like a Westeros partay! Bring Game of Thrones vibes to your reception by switching the father-bride dance to an incestous brother-sister dance, and name your tables according to the houses of GoT. Excuse me, but I would like to be seated as far away from the Lannister’s table as possible! Entertain your crowd by having costume contests or a heated game of trivia. As long as you avoid traumatic red wedding events, your reception is sure to be a hit!

Put A Crown On It

For a ceremony your guests can’t help but remember, switch out wedding rings for crowns. Royal power is a true sign of love, after all.


Fill goblets with red wine, and indulge guests in table spreads of delicious eats. Include exotic animal choices and lots and lots of bread and cheese. Don’t forget chicken options and vegetarian meals for those who may not be all about that GoT cuisine!

Decor Vibes

In a perfect world you would tie the knot in an old timey castle, but usually the rental of these beautiful spaces do not come cheap. To give your guests that feel without the pricetag, consider these touches:

  • A photo area with a throne, crowns, staffs, faux dragons or dragon eggs, wigs, cloaks, faux fur, etc.
  • Rent an ice sculpture of the ice wall. Remind guests that winter is coming by serving up ice cold shots.
  • Play GoT soundtrack music during dinner hour.
  • Have your guests sign the guestbook with calligraphy pens and fresh ink or consider having all guests sign a map of our world or of Westeros.

Having a Game of Thrones wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. It can be done in a DIY fashion that will have guests talking about it for years. The most important part of planning is to have fun during the process!


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