French music is playing in the background, imagined surroundings of the city of love, french couture and opulence are setting the mood.  What a magnificent way to express the depths of your soul and share your dream day with all your loved ones. To get married and have your dream day become a reality is such an amazing feeling, but not only do you – the happy couple – experience the fairy tale … you want your guest to experience the vintage French revival of your wedding day from the start as well. What better way to start your dream day than on paper?

Chrystalace Wedding Stationery wants to share some of their amazing couples’ invitations with you.  French Province being such a romantic inspiration for weddings and creating that Cinderella atmosphere creates the loveliest invitations. Be inspired by the vintage flair with a modern twist. Featured in this article is Marioli & Leroi’s wedding invitations, that are specially handmade and stitched to perfection.

Stationery: <a href="" target="blank">Chrystalace</a> Stationery: <a href="" target="blank">Chrystalace</a>Stationery: <a href="" target="blank">Chrystalace</a>Stationery: <a href="" target="blank">Chrystalace</a>

How to make your own stitched stationery:

{1} Select paper with different sizes, textures, colours and thickness

{2} Get your design ready for the stationery and print it on the various papers

{3} Remember to keep space on the left of the booklet for the stitching

{4} Secure the stationery in the correct place with paper clips, before stitching

{5} Get your working station ready and select a colour thread, that will be in contrast with the first page of the booklet

{6} Stitch neatly on the left side of the booklet

{7} Make small knots on both ends of the stitching to prevent it from coming loose

{8} Cut off the excess threads neatly

{9} Create or add a final finish for the stationery – e.g.  a ribbon, a sleeve, lace or an envelope

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