If you have ever traveled through Spain, no doubt you experienced some incredible food. Spain is famous for their spicy, and delicious foods. However, anyone who ever lived in Spain might argue that their sweets are their legacy.
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How did people come to eat sweets after a meal?

We sit down to a wonderful meal, and we savor the hot and spicy foods on our tongue. It brings up the serotonin levels of the brain and we indulge as long as we can. After the first courses are served, the serotonin level drops again, as your body has adjusted to the thrill of the first bites. By the time we finish the meal, we may experience fatigue or tummy troubles.

The similar story is when the wedding is happening. Some of the couples lately are bored of “universal” cakes and the same big wedding ceremony cakes that mostly taste the same. They even organise the fund to collect the ideas and money to make the food (especially sweets) unforgettable.

It’s not unusual practice that bride and groom wants to experiment and provide new kind of wedding sweets – the variety of cupcakes and sweet pastries – where the Spanish cooks can take the stage and demonstrate the goods of one of the best cuisine in the world!

It is said, this is why people began eating their pastry sweets after their meal. The new sensation of the sugary sweets calms the upset stomach and releases serotonin again. So when a sweet lover tells you “Sweets make me happy.” He is telling the truth.

Sweet Tapas

Spain is well known for their tapas. Tapas are any small foods served with your drink. It can be small slices of bread with ham or and cheese. Sometimes they consist of goat cheese, shrimp, clams or land snails. Tapas are not an appetizer. When you eat tapas, you are eating your meal. You eat them until you are full.

After you have had your fill of the traditional tapas, do not be surprised to receive some sweet tapas to finish your meal. Any small pastries, mini-churros drizzled with chocolate, any sweet food served with your drink is your sweet tapas. One favorite is a puff pastry with thin slices of ham and stuffed with sticky fig jam. This is sure to calm the stomach and bring back that warm and satisfying feeling.

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In Spain and other parts of the world, candy makers of old made rich chocolates. They came in many varieties and mixed well with everything. But, before air conditioning came along, candy makers would struggle in the summer months as their delicacy would melt. People still wanted something sweet after their meal. They would often eat peppermints. They were hard and shaped like a cushion.

In 1912, and American candy maker faced the same fate. The summer months were devastating to his business. One day in a pharmacy, he noticed their pill maker. He determined that he would make mint candy that was hard and round. This idea transformed into candy known as Lifesavers. While the hole in the middle was the subject of many tales, it was put there to make it look very different than the hard candy that was being made t that time. Eventually, they came to be stacked and wrapped in foil so people could take them along and freshen their breath after their meal. More than 100 years later, we can still buy lifesavers candy.

Candy lovers rarely have a problem in modern days of their candy melting in the heat. That is good news for the sweets lover.

When traveling through Spain, eat all the sweets you want. It wouldn’t hurt to keep a roll of peppermint Lifesavers in your pocket as well.

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