Planning a wedding takes time, patience, and a little creativity, but all the hard work will result in a day you will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives. Beside getting all the logistics and suppliers in place, here are a few beauty tips for the bride to be.

1 Spa treatments

All the stress that you are going through from your planning your wedding will unfortunately show up on your skin. This damage can be undone by visiting your local spa for a facial. This indulgent service is good for all skin types. With exfoliation, toning and moisturizing – facials can be personalized for every skin type to give you that bridal glow.

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2 Lasers for Body Hair Loss

Losing unwanted body hair may seem easy. You can just shave or wax it off, after all. However, it becomes less easy when the hair keeps returning every few days to a week. To lose unwanted body hair for a longer period of time you may need the assistance of a trained skincare clinician. But some clinical treatments for hair removal are more effective and more comfortable than others. One that can be effective and only mildly uncomfortable is laser treatment.

The Method Lasers Use to Remove Hair

Lasers use particular types of lights to affect the cells of body hairs. Often they target the dark pigment in the hairs, which is caused by melanin deposits. As the melanin is targeted by the laser the hair shaft and follicle become weaker. Ideally, your hair should be darker than your skin for you to have laser hair removal treatment. That way the lasers can easily target the hair and any burn or pigment change risks to your skin will be minimized.

It is possible to have laser treatment if your skin is dark and your hair is comparatively light. However, you must be treated by the right type of device. For example, among the many types of laser hair removal devices for sale and used in skincare clinics are YAG lasers. YAG lasers are often better at treating such skin and hair color combinations.

Potential Laser Hair Removal Uses for Your Skin

Lasers can be used to achieve unwanted body hair loss in almost any external location. However they are not designed to be used on hairs protruding from orifices, such as your ears. Also, even though they are commonly used to treat facial hair your eyes must be protected from them. So your clinician may give you special eye wear to use during the procedure. You may also find that a method like electrolysis is more affordable for treating one or two stray facial hairs. Among the most popular parts of the body for laser hair removal treatment are arms, legs, underarms and bikini lines.

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What Happens During a Laser Hair Loss Appointment

If you’re wondering what happens during a laser hair loss appointment the first thing to understand is that the process is an outpatient procedure. There is also no recovery time involved. Depending on the size of the treatment area you should expect to spend about an hour at the clinic. Although, it may be slightly longer.

During your appointment the clinician will start by numbing your skin. He or she may also use cooling air puffs to keep your skin comfortable during the treatment. When it is over you may also be told to take certain steps to protect your skin while it recovers, such as staying out of the sun as much as possible.

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The Ongoing Nature of Laser Hair Loss Appointments

You must attend laser hair loss appointments on an ongoing basis in order for them to be effective. Typically four to six procedures are required, and they have to occur over the course of many weeks for the most effectiveness. You can also opt to have future hair removal appointments for minor maintenance depending on the eventual rate of regrowth.

Costs Associated with Laser Hair Loss Procedures

Laser hair lost costs vary and are calculated in a number of ways. For example, clinics with exceptional reputations often charge more. Your costs per session will also be calculated based on the size of the skin section you want to have treated. Typically a single session costs about R 2000 but it may cost more. A series of four to six sessions often costs at least $1,000. Treatment on a large area such as your back may cost much more by the time a treatment series is completed.

3 Boot Camp to get in shape

Your wedding day is one of the most special and wonderful celebrations you’ll ever have, and you should feel like a superstar. Whether you need to lose some pounds, tone up or stay exactly the same shape, fitness can play an important part in your preparations for the day you say “Yes”!

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4 Detox

It’s no wonder detox diets are the hype at the moment and each bride should do one before the big day. A detox promises to give you more energy, help you lose unwanted weight, and clean up your skin, among many other things. A good detox method can help you get rid of more stubborn toxins by supporting your natural detoxification pathways. There are a lot of other ways to help our body without going overboard with spending.

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