Who doesn’t love surprises? Do you know at least one such a person? Because I don`t know! And even if you say that you hate surprises, I won`t believe it! Because if you say that, I’m sure you secretly love when someone does a little something extra for you and, of course, you like and want to do something special for your soul mate. Maybe you just don’t know how to present a gift and avoid being banal as it often happens!

Well, if you really want to impress your loved one, but can’t make up your mind how to do it, here are 5 cool suggestions to get you started. Just remember, you have to be spontaneous to make your favorite person feel especially loved! Moreover, your beloved will be doubly pleased to the most thoughtful birthday gifts for birthday, holiday or anniversary. By the way, giving gifts without warning can not only cheer up your loved one, but also those things can really enrich and invigorate your relationship.

Plan a day of fun. When it comes to surprise gifts for her or him, one of the best is to make a day of fun for your special person. This is really the best thing you can do for your loved one. Just think what he or she likes to do, where your beloved loves to eat and where your significant other prefers to go. Let your imagination run wild as you fill the day with things your loved one loves! Don`t forget to make a schedule of your day if you want to be just right.

fun day

Frame a photo or make a memory album. In the era of digital photos, the photos that actually get printed make a statement about their worth. Find the photo or photos that speak to the relationship you have with your loved one, and then wrap it or them up. If you have a lot of such photos, make an album filled to the brim with memories of you and your beloved together. Impress your special someone with the photo album filled with such special pictures that reflect the length of your relationship. And if you’d like to do something a little more in depth, you can make a memory album that will include not only photos, but also notes about your thoughts and feelings towards your other half!

frame a picture

Write out a note or a letter to your loved one. Instead of giving a traditional card to your special someone, you can write a note or a letter to surprise your loved one. It’s pretty amazing how good a surprise letter can make your beloved feel, especially if you have enough time to plan it out and your letter is meaningful and sincere. Write your own feelings and thoughts on a piece of paper and leave it where it will be definitely found by your soul mate.


Make a surprise dinner. Use your imagination and decide what type of dinner it will be because you can organize a romantic dinner only for your loved one and you or take your special someone out to dinner and have friends and relatives be waiting for him or her there. You may also have friends and family show up for dinner at your house, thus, you have to organize guests, presents, favorite meal – wonderful surprises for him or her! Of course, it depends on what you`re going to celebrate as if it is Valentine’s Day, it will be better to have a quiet, romantic dinner for two, or when it comes to your loved one’s birthday party, your beloved wants to receive happy birthday gifts and congratulations not only from you, but also from his or her nearest and dearest people.


Arrange a weekend trip somewhere he or she has always wanted to go. Maybe your beloved has always dreamt to visit some interesting place, so you can organize such a special trip on a certain day or holiday. But you have to make sure in advance that you both have the time or can miss your work without problems. And, please, keep the destination in a secret until you reach it.


As you see, it isn`t so difficult to impress the person you love and keep the relationship active. With just a bit of ingenuity, you can surprise your loved one and remind both of you not to take each other for granted.

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