Looking to make your wedding a smash hit? Nothing says a night to remember like a packed dance floor and DJ playing everyone’s favorite hits (aside from you getting married, of course). Check out these awesome tips to keep your guests moving and the night young well into the morning…or 10 p.m. when your reservations at the venue end.
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Getting The Party Started

You DJ probably has an enormous playlist of top-rated, party-centric tracks locked and loaded well before you even think about booking them for your reception. When you talk with them beforehand about tracks you want to hear throughout the night, you have two choices for the first song.

You can either pick something that you know appeals to the mixed audience of guests you’ve invited or trust their expertise. Hint: the second option is the way to go. Let them pick a classic, fun-fueled, party anthem that everyone knows the words to. That’s why you hired them in the first place, right?

They know how to get everyone in the mood for a dance party. Before you know it, people in full formal attire will be dancing as if they’re dressed in Move U dance clothes. If you do happen to know a classic that everyone at your party is sure to jump out of their seat for, then by all means request that to start the night off on the right foot.

Mix Things Up

So, your musical tastes pretty much fall into one category, maybe two if you ignore how similar they both are. That’s perfectly okay, but not everyone enjoys the exact same music that you and your hubby do. That’s why mixing up the soundtrack is essential.

This is something you’ll want to discuss with the DJ beforehand. If you know what different guests like in advance, great! If not, ask around for requests at the party and let the DJ know what everyone wants to hear. Better yet, tell them to mix up genres and time periods as they play some of the most nostalgic tunes in existence.

The more variety, the more feet you’ll find on the dancefloor. This also helps keep things running smoothly by giving different guests time to grab a drink or a bite to eat when something comes on they can take a break to.

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Minimize Your Interruption

Have you ever been to a bar or club, dancing the night away, when suddenly the music is interrupted? Your perfect rhythm is thrown off and suddenly you realize that you can’t dance like no one is watching when everyone is totally watching. It’s the same concept at a reception.

Cutting the cake, speeches, garter tosses, and more can all throw off the vibe of your dance party. Schedule these things ahead of time with the DJ, giving an ample amount of spacing in-between key events or grouping them together to allow your guests more time to get footloose.

Photos and Drinks Go A Long Way

With dim lights and an abundance of cocktails, people are more likely to hit the dance floor. It’s liquid courage to get goofy, motivation to let loose, and the inhibition breaker everyone needs to enjoy themselves.

Couple that alcohol with your wedding photographer. While some people might eb a little camera shy, anyone with a few drinks in them will more than likely want to but a move for the camera. It’s everyone’s chance to be a star for a few seconds as they have their photo taken under the dance floor lights in their best attire.

Together, these two elements are sure to get your guests in a more party-oriented mood. Plus, you’ll have a fantastic picture album to look back on for years to come.

Keep the Party Going

Follow these four tips and you’re guaranteed to see your reception dance floor packed the whole night through. Your guests will have a night to remember for decades to come, and you two lovebirds will be able to look back on this memorable moment for a lifetime. Don’t be surprised if, when the lights come and it’s time to go, no one wants to leave though!

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