Fairy Tale Paper Flowers DIY

These paper flowers are some of the simplest décor items I’ve ever made, yet they wow every person who sees them. Not only are they beautiful, they are also inexpensive.  These décor pieces will impress guests at any wedding, engagement party, kitchen tea or bachelorette. They can also be used for many other celebrations.

The following steps will guide you in making your own paper flowers. Be sure to pay attention to detail, to ensure your fairy tale flowers.

Cutting the leaves

Before cutting your first leaf, make a range of templates. This will ensure that your flowers are perfect. It will also be easier to create duplicates.

Use between a half and one and a half A2 sheets (80gsm+) per flower, depending on the size. If you go larger, your flower will need additional support. Then cut out a round base. The larger the flower, the sturdier the paper should be for the base. Also remember to cut a slit in the base of the leaf, which you will glue gun later. Cut about 6-8 leaves per template.

Glue gun everything

I’m a firm believer that a glue gun is one of the best inventions ever. I use it more than any other tool in our house. The small ones are really inexpensive and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Watch the video provided and see exactly how the flower’s base should be glued. This is the most technical part of the project.

The more you cross the base section of the leaf, the more volume your flower will have. As the leaves go smaller, the cross section should be tighter; otherwise there will be gaps, revealing the base of each leaf. The trick is to hide the base of the flower.

Getting down to the base 

Now you should plan the layout of the leaves. Make sure the base isn’t too big; otherwise you will see it when your flowers are completed. Have a look at the video for tips and tricks on getting this part right.

When completed, you can hang them up; put them against walls or fencing; or use them as décor for your table or photo booth.

There’s an endless list of places to use them. They will look fabulous absolutely anywhere.

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Watch our video to see how it is done!


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  1. monique|September 21, 2014

    Good day

    I just love these flowers. And i am gonna try to make it myself. However do you know where i can buy stunning paper flowers?


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  6. Lyn Theron|June 13, 2016

    I make and sell paper flowers. Send me an email. I am based in Johannesburg

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