Make Your First Dance Something to Remember

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4 Tips to Pack Your Dance Floor

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Beauty Tips for the Bride to Be

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Game Changer for Newly-Weds

The sudden move to automation, investment in robotics and exploration of artificial intelligence is all pointing towards the impending 4th Industrial Revolution. The first three, as we all know, initially liberated us from animal power, made mass production possible and brought digital capabilities to billions … Continue reading

How to budget for your honeymoon

HOW TO BUDGET WELL FOR YOUR HONEYMOON Planning your honeymoon is just as important as planning your wedding day, however, it can be the last thing on a couple’s mind. The Wedding Expo revealed that most couples only allocate 10% … Continue reading

Money saving tips for the frugal bride

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Crazy Wedding Themes

While most of us choose to get married in a place of worship or some other building of note, it’s becoming increasingly common to see newlyweds tying the knot on beaches or in places that have some special significance to … Continue reading

Wedding Planning Tips: Insurance

Some expert advise on what insurance is the best for you! Single Vs Joint insurance Decisions, decisions, decisions, it’s never easy deciding what type of cover to get. Usually the decision on what type of insurance cover to get is … Continue reading

What to do 2 weeks before the wedding

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What to do 1 month before the wedding

Time is moving fast and you’re almost at wedding day – hooray! See the list below of all the last minute items that need your attention as provided by Pretty Perfect Events. 1. RSVP Deadline Ideally your RSVP replies should … Continue reading